La playlist du vendredi 25 juin 2021 - Classic 21 Metal Spéciale Belge

25 juin 2021 à 21:58Temps de lecture1 min
Par Classic 21

Retrouvez ici la playlist de Classic 21 Metal pour l'émission du 25 juin.

Artiste Titre Album
Channel Zero Suck My Energy Unsafe (1994)
King's Rage Death Machine [EP] Stronger, OUT 2021
Giac Taylor Armchair Warrior Dead Man Shoes, OUT 2021
Ritual Last Night For The Demons Ritual (1986)
Biggerfish Wuhan Whore single (2021)
King Drama King Drama King Drama (2019)
Golden Midway Seed Seeds [EP] Seed Seeds (2019)
Stake The Weight Of Our Age Single, NEW !
Through The Void Ashes [EP] ARIA (2019)
Drakkar Hitchhiking Of Pain Diabolical Empathy (2017)
Dyscordia Bail Me Out Words In Ruin (2016)
Colonel Jiz Crash Single (2020)
Acid Acid Acid (1982)
Cyclone The Call Of Steel Brutal Destruction (1986)
Crescent Sky Hallowed Single (2021)
Beyond Horizons A New Dawn EP OUT 08/2021
Evil Invaders Broken Dreams In Isolation Feed Me Violence (2017)
Marche Funebre The Maelstrom Mute Einderlicht (2020)
Von Stroheim Bucketful Of Bile [EP] The Beautiful, Not The Damned, OUT 09/2021
Ostrogoth The Hunter Feelings Of Fury (1987)
Slaughter Messiah From The Tomb Into The Void Cursed To The Pyre (2020)
Insanity Chains Single (2021)
Schizophrenia Structure Of Death [EP] Voices (2020)
Moss Upon The Skull Unseen, Yet Allseeing In Vengeful Reverence (2018)
Lethvm Ananke Acedia (2019)

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